Thursday, 23 March 2017

I Have Found The One Whom My Soul Loves

Months spent on planning the perfect proposal. Then the moment comes and the question is asked 

Will you marry me?

“You said Yes”- so now you are engaged what next?

1) It’s Instagram time – Ring Selfie has become the trend so why not join in and have fun 

      as you announce to your loved ones and family and friends.Celebrate the engagement.


2) Start Planning – Set a budget and start working round it. This is a very interesting time 

     as lots of energy is put into planning every detail of the big day a lot of running around 

    takes place. So here is the break down:-

              Wedding magazines ✅

              Browse the internet for ideas – Pinterest, Instagram, wedding websites… – countless 

              hours spent here ✅

              Create your own mood board – copy, cut, paste ✅

              Pick your bridal party ✅

              Select Vendors ✅

              Draft your guest list ✅

              Pick Venue ✅

              Set a date – save the date, invitations ✅

              Register for gifts ✅

              Miscellaneous  ✅


           To assist with the planning, hire a wedding planner (your peace of mind) You can never 

            go wrong on this ✅✅✅

3) Here comes the Groom and Bride

                     Marriage Vows ✅

                     Celebrations ✅

                     Honeymoon ✅

4) Back to reality - Now what? 


You both come back as husband and wife. The highlights of your big day the glitz, glamour, 

memories to cherish all in your lovely photo album as you open your gifts and send 

out your thank cards. 

Is that all? – This is when “I have found the one whom my soul loves” becomes a reality. 



The same energy and enthusiasm that went into planning your big day, and lessons learned 

along the way, the same amount of time and energy should be applied into your marriage. 

Always remember what first brought you lovely people together. 

#Marriagegoals, #Marriageworks 

“No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the 



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